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Energy Technology R&D

CEFC has built teams of global leading experts and works in strategic partnership with top research institutes from both home and abroad to jointly engage in R&D in technology, software and hardware for geophysical oil exploration and development, offshore oil exploration and development, and new energy. With cutting-edge industrial knowhow, CEFC is well positioned to support the technological cooperation for international energy development.
Five series of oilfield chemicals and application technologies have been developed to resolve difficulties in oil production; Enhanced Oil Recovery technology can be used to raise oil extraction rate by 20-30% and to solve problems in viscous oil and oil sands production; continuous efforts have been made to the R&D of optoelectronic material of PEDOT/PSS; breakthroughs have been achieved in the production of new fire-resistant insulation decoration board, the preparation of rose oxide, and the application of deuterium-nitrogen optical fiber. In proactive preparation for the post-petroleum era, CEFC dedicates itself to the R&D and application for the new energy technologies (e.g. photovoltaic power generation).
Strategic cooperation in technological development is established with Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting Inc., (BGP) China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). BGP’s seismic data processing center is second to none in Asia with 2710 CPU workstations and PC-clusters (floating-point operation per second (FPLOPS) up to 76,000 times per second). GRISYS, BGP’s processing system with independent intellectual property rights (IIPR), together with the imported advanced applications such as OMEGA, GEODEPTH, CGG, PROMAX, Views and Haitun, enables BGP to process 200,000 kilometers of conventional 2D data annually, 50,000 square kilometers of conventional 3D data, 30,000 kilometers of prestack depth migration 2D data and 10,000 square kilometers of 3D data. GRIstation, BGP’s seismic data interpretative software with IIPR, together with overseas interpretation software including Landmark, Geoquest, GEOFRAME, JASON and Virtual Reality brought in abroad help BGP to interpret 220,000 kilometers of 2D data annually and 20,000 square meters of 3D data. BGP’s comprehensive advantages in resources come from its advanced interpretative equipment imported in abundance and its strong R&D capability.
BGP brings in a series of technologies and equipment, including carbon capture and storage technologies, LNG cold energy utilization, natural gas distributed generation and combined cooling heating and power (CCHP), and processing technologies and equipment for floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG). In proactive response to the post petroleum era, BGP dedicates itself to the technological development and application for new energies and the research and application of photovoltaic generation by bringing in floating photovoltaic power station technology used on the reservoirs or lakes, and flexible stenting techniques for sewage treatment plants.


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