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Academic Progress

China Energy Focus 2014: Towards Clean Coal

CEFC released the English report entitled “China Energy Focus 2014: Towards Clean Coal” in National Press Club in Washington. This report is a summary of the translated views and opinions collected from the leading energy experts in China regarding the development and utilization of clean coal. It offers detailed analysis on the future development of relevant technology and corresponding challenges, and provided in a systematic manner the information regarding the latest updates and trend of the clean coal utilization in China to foreign readers using firsthand literature.




Energy Outlook 2015: A China’s Perspective

The English report entitled “Energy Outlook 2015: A China’s Perspective” is jointly released in New York by CEFC and World Energy Research Division in the Institute of World Economics and Politics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. This report notes that an optimization of energy consumption structure with a global impact will occur in 2030, and Chinese policies adjustments concerning new energy will contribute greatly to the improvement of the energy mix worldwide, especially in Asia.




China Energy Focus: Natural Gas 2013

The US has become an energy exporter benefiting from its shale gas revolution. As a country with abundant shale gas resources, China will turn around the current energy-scarce situation and draw the world’s attention once its resources are successfully developed. After organizing a series of high-end academic forums, CEFC issued its first English report, entitled “China Energy Focus: Natural Gas 2013”, in the United States. With ideas and perspectives contributed by energy experts and industry leaders from Mainland China and Hong Kong as well as overseas talents, the Report takes an in-depth look at the current situations and the structure of the natural gas industry in China based on the latest data.





“Report on the Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Natural Gas Development”

In December 2012, according to the general requirements of “The Twelfth Five-Year Plan (FYP) for National Economic and Social Development of the People’s Republic of China”, the National Development and Reform Commission and National Energy Administration jointly published “The Twelfth FYP for Natural Gas Development”, which provided important guidance on the domestic development of natural gas during the Plan period. CEFC published “Report on the Twelfth FYP for Natural Gas Development” after interviewing multiple domestic energy experts and collecting their opinions.




“China Eye”

“China Eye” is an international English academic journal focused on geopolitics, energy security, economy and culture. It aims to facilitate a better understanding of China by providing a forum for diverse views.




China First English Energy Journal: CEFC China Energy Journal

In collaboration with China Energy News, CEFC made CEFC China Energy Journal available in the U.S. market and held its press release in New York. In proactive response to the increasing demands worldwide in this regard, this China’s first English energy journal, covers a wider audience including global energy companies, energy researchers and the press with the prospects for energy development in China and its progress to date using first hand information.





The Quarterly New Perspectives on Chinese Culture

New Perspectives on Chinese Culture aims to offer a newer and broader prospective towards Chinese culture. By gathering the best minds worldwide in Chinese studies and sinology with a goal of achieving harmony between traditional culture and modern life, it strives to provide a wider audience with broader perspective and master pieces which interpret traditional culture and publish latest academic achievements.





Research Papers & Proceedings

“World Energy Situation and International Relations Annual Report 2014”

“The Nelson Report” Collection (2014)

“Balanced Trip -Obama’s Trip to Asia-Pacific in 2014”

“A New Chapter in Sino-US Cooperation - Collection of China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue”

“Proceedings: New Energy Economy and Low-carbon Development Forum”

“Proceedings on Potential of US-China Energy Cooperation”

“Investment in US Oil and Gas Market”

“Energy Special Report”

“South China Sea Islands Sovereignty and International Disputes - On Harmonious Development of South China Sea”

“International Energy Information and Research”

“New Global Dynamics”

“CEFC Jiangsu Academy of Science and Technology Research Report”

“Proceedings of Seminar of Jiangsu Senior Decision Consulting International Think Tank”

“Collection of Research Papers by CEFC Academy of Science and Technology”

“Across-Pacific Cooperation - The New Future-Oriented Sino-US Relations: the Proceedings of Asia-Pacific Forum 2013”



 Series Report

“East Sea Strategy Manifesto”

“China Coal Chemical Industry Outlook”

“Russia’s Energy Strategy in Change”

“Interpretation of Abe Strategy”

“Analysis of 2013 Global Strategy”

“The Tumbling US Rebalancing Strategy”

“Energy and the Ukrainian Crisis”

“China and Cyber Security”

“China New Trend - Interpretation of Analysis Report by US Think Tank on NPC and CPPCC”

“Report on Current Sino-Japanese Relations”

“Analysis on Quadrilateral Cooperation of China, US, Japan and the Republic of Korea by the National Committee on US Diplomatic Policies”

“Cross-Strait Relations and the United States’ Role - Report on 2013 Sino-US-Taiwan Trilateral Meeting”

“Report On Related Suggestions of Shanghai Sustainable Energy Development and Distributed Generation”







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