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AbkГјrzungen Statistik

AbkГјrzungen Statistik The Quantum Computer

Title: Wissenschaftlich schreiben abkгјrzungen, Author: Max Polansky, Name: Philippsburg (Baden-Wurttemberg) Statistische Analyse Wissenschaftlich. kleinanzeigen abkГјrzungen partnersuche · fragen an frau zum kennenlernen · partnersuche single statistik berlin · oppenheimer single k adoption agreement. Alle Kinder in der Abteilung wussten, was diese AbkГјrzung bedeutet, nur die Reanimation war dieser an Verblutung sterbende Junge nur eine statistische. Guestglino. dresden flirt kostenlos dating seiten statistik single moms bergen county partnervermittlung polen bewertung singles dieburg. Sublingual Allergy Immunotherapy Pediculosis Treatment Definition Statistics Abhaengigkeit In Beziehungsweise Abkгјrzung Stellvertreter Hochhuth Teen.

Guestglino. dresden flirt kostenlos dating seiten statistik single moms bergen county partnervermittlung polen bewertung singles dieburg. Alle Kinder in der Abteilung wussten, was diese AbkГјrzung bedeutet, nur die Reanimation war dieser an Verblutung sterbende Junge nur eine statistische. folgenden Arbeit verwendeten AbkГјrzungen sind:  AS Active Surveillance п‚​§ ANNA Material und Methoden - 18 - Statistik Alle Tabellen, die fГјr die.

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Lancet Oncol 5: Lungenembolie 3. Perineural invasion is a prognostic factor for biochemical failure after radical prostatectomy. Da sind alle Adressen seit dem ersten Tag meiner Krankheit drin. Bekannte B.

Catarrhal process in main group decreased from Normal mucous in main group was in In average there was a similar dynamic with the condition of mucous membrane in stomach.

X-ray: reduction of the GER level after treatment took place in Conclusion: 1. In case of failure of OMT that is performed during 6 month we should determine indications for surgical treatment.

Barshteyn N. Due to financial problems, contamination of soil with radio-active and toxic substancies heavy metals, chemical weed- and pest-killers, nitrates and, as a result, of food quality this problem has been actual for more than 20 years.

Growth of allergic, cardio-vascular and oncologic diseases, increase in number of genetic malformations and disorders in ontogenesis are marked in Ukraine.

Inevitable sequence is low life-span and high death rate. One of the effective methods in correction of such situation is active introduction of functional products in the modern structure of feed, enriched with biologically active matters BAM : antioxidants, vitamins, irreplaceable polyunsaturated fat acids etc.

Vegetable raw material is, above all, the source of BAM. Besides wood, husk of sunflower, wastes of tea production are known to be a substratum for growing of mushrooms.

Waste of amaranth carbon dioxide extraction caught our attention because the amaranth is an unique plant with the ideal protein content rich in such amino acid, as lizin, triptofan, arginin, metionin and fenilalanin, among all known corn and bean cultures.

The following species of medicinal mushrooms were the objects of our research: Pleurotus ostreatus, Ganoderma lucidum, Schizophyllum commune, Coriolus versicolor, Cordyceps sinensis, Flammulina velutipes, Lentinus edodes, Volvariella volvacea, Grifola frondosa, Inonotus obliquus, Hericium erinaceus, Phellinus igniarius, Coprinus comatus, Piptoporus betulinus.

Mushrooms were cultivated on sterile moistened waste of amaranth extraction and liquid nutrient medium which basis was the flour from waste of amaranth extraction.

Our results are indicative of four mushroom species, which overgrow waste of amaranth extraction most quickly during days : Pleurotus ostreatus, Coriolus versicolor, Schizophyllum commune.

Very low speed of becoming overgrown of this substratum was typical for Lentinus edodes and Volvariella volvacea.

Results of our experiments on liquid nutrient medium containing the flour from waste of amaranth showed that such mushroom species as Pleurotus ostreatus, Grifola frondosa, Flammulina velutipes, Ganoderma lucidum and Schizophyllum commune synthesized the sufficient amount of biomass within days, and are of interest as perspective objects for the receiving new functional products.

Bartosh I. Dorogova E. Grishaeva A. Hemodynamics parametres for each measurement: stroke volume SV , minute volume of heart MV and peripheral vascular resistance was calculated with Brenzer-Ranke formula.

In this case hours index SBP 6. In this case hours index of SBP 0. Conclusion: The disturbance of hemodynamic parameters of circadian rhythms in pregnant women with eclampsia and normal blood pressure level was noted, that can be explained by peripheral vasospasm, hypovolemia and by decrease in blood circulation.

At night a reduction of vascular resistance was expressed by augmentation of SV and HR reduction in lesser degree than hemodynamic variations in the control group.

Batyrova B. Salkhanov N. Issabekov A. Objectives of the investigation: to solve a problem about possible influence of HPinfection on the rate and intensity of erosive-ulcer bleedings development and efficacy of eradication therapy.

They were divided into 3 groups due to the schemes of pharmacotherapy. Unlike the first 2 groups treated with eradication therapy, the third group was administered to one of the 7-day 3-component schemes of eradication according to Maastricht consensus III recommendations from the first day after revealing HP-infection.

Besides common clinical examination HP- infection in the gastric mucous membrane was detected with the use of non-invasive urease respiratory Helic-test, and also Helpil-test with bioptates from mucous membrane of gastric antral division and body, obtained on endoscopic study or intraoperatively, histological study according to Romanovskiy-Gimze method of staining of bioptate from gastric mucous membrane and duodenum, obtained during fib roesophagogastroduodenoscopy by intraoperative taking material and on autopsy; several 17 FEGDS for controlling dynamics of erosions, ulcers healing and for assessing results of eradication therapy.

The follow-up results of examination of patients for month HP- infection after treatment are the evidence of eradication therapy efficacy.

Belousov W. Nowikov A. Die Untersuchungen wurden noch zweimal wiederholt: nach 10 Tagen und Anfang 3. Herzinsuffizienz, arteriale Hypertension, Lungenkrankheiten, Diabetes mellitus usw.

Es sei hohe Dispersion und Datenstreehung. Bei den Kranken mit kleinem nicht-Q Infarkt war das Niveau fast normal und sich nicht wesentlich von der Norm unterschied.

Angaben So zeigen unsere Angaben die Aktivierung der Apoptose bei den Infarktkranken und ihre Weiterentwicklung, die im Laufe der 3 Wochen registriert wurde.

Bikova V. Vladimirov L. Ivanova A. Akopjan M. Afendik L. Hemija N. The problem of the spread of oncopathology is very actual. WHO specialists think that in cases of cancer diseases comes to apprx.

According to American specialists, in cancer will be a leading reason of death in the world, exceeding heart diseases, HIV, malaria and TB.

Also cancer is moving now from developing countries to developed countries. One of the grounds for quick spread of that pathology is lack of its early diagnosis and dispensary networks.

Specialists noticed that the tumor diagnostics at stages of its development significantly improves therapy results.

In this connection one of the perspective directions against cancer is conduction of laboratory tests, which allows detecting the incidence of malignant tumor in the body.

The control group comprised 37 almost healthy patients. According to the hypothesis the tumor antigens AG settle on top of red blood cells, while content of ion-calcium in their structures is common for both, the AG are the same as CPC.

The test gives opportunity to detect tumor at an early stage of its incidence, which means at the stage where tumor volume is not higher than 10 4 5 cells.

According to the combined results with the author the diagnostic sensitivity of the test in Ca gl. Mammae is Among almost healthy people with cancer in family registries, the test was positive in 4 patients.

In 3 of them chronic prostatitis was detected 20 Programm Abstracts and one case of mastopathy.

Further medical examination confirmed Ca prostate and Ca gl. The shortcomings of test: the research does not allow finding tumor localization, supplemental research methods of cancer diagnostic are needed.

Groups with higher oncology risk reveal 2. This data gives ground to reasonable and systematical examination of higher risk groups.

Thus, the solution of the problem of accelerated spread of oncopathology should be found in complex: aiming not only on developing new effective therapies, but focusing on introduction of Screening-Program for early diagnosis, which leads to more effective clinical outcome.

Tasks: conducting of comparative analysis of the results of complex medicalpsychological examination, the data of medical records, results of psychodynamic examination in dynamic and after correction.

A statically relevant correlation between the duration of involvement in military actions and disorders of somatic status.

Two groups were compared: - Subjects, which followed the recommendation of the specialists and underwent the course of colorcorrection 67 men - The subjects that were not treated with colorcorrection 67 men To verify the detected pathologies, analysis of medical records and psychologicalpsychiatric examinations were carried out.

The obtained data showed that the program in question enabled making early diagnosis prior to clinical manifestations.

This method of correction can be added with any therapy method, although it does not require special complementation.

Moreover, we managed to detect individual problems followed up with consequent consulting and correction programs. As the advantage we should mention absence of side effects, simplicity of use despite a strictly scheduled day and a significant deficit of time and consideration of individual preferences.

Bubenchikova Yu. Kondratova R. Bubenchikov Yu. Starchak A. We focused basically on the allocation and studying of phenolic substances and polysaccharides.

The allocation of the specified classes of substances was carried out by extraction with spirit ethyl, aether, acetone, water.

To obtain from the number of substances necessary components we used the methods of selective extraction, fractional crystallization, preparative paper and colomn chromatography, HPLH.

The allocated phenolic substances are represented by flavonoids, phenolcarbolic acids, coumarins, tannins. Coumarins are presented by oxy- and metoxy- derivatives: umbelliferone, aesculetin, scopoletin.

Among flavonoid classes flavanone, flavone, flavonol are presented which occur in the kind of aglycones and their O-and Cglycosides.

At additional replacement in these types of flavones oxy- and metoxy- groups form numbers of derivatives scutellarein 6-oxyapigenin , nornepetin 6-oxyluteolin.

At additional replacement in these types of connections at C-6 in plants of the species Centaurea a complicated complex of derivatives 6-oxykempferol and 6-oxyquercetin is synthesized.

Glycoside forms of studied flavonoids are presented by mono-, bi- and diglycosides, differing by the nature of sugars and their position in aglycone.

Flavones glycosides basically are presented by 7-O-monoglycosides, and 7-O-apioglycosides apiin, graveobioside. Considering a complex use of already known medicinal raw material, and also for the purpose of revealing of new sources of raw material polysaccharides, plants of the specified sorts were allocated and studied.

The raw material leftovers after abstraction of polyphenolic substances, polysaccharides were consequently obtained by fractions: water-soluble polysaccharide complexes, pectin substances, hemicelluloses A and hemicelluloses B.

In all kinds of the fractions water-soluble polysaccharides complexes and pectin substances are prevailing. The maximum quantity of water-soluble polysaccharides complexes is found in the leaves of Pulmonaria angustifolia L.

Qualitative and quantitative monosaccharide composition of polysaccharide complexes of the investigated plants has been studied.

As a result of the conducted research the sources of polyphenolic compounds and polysaccharides with versatile biological activity are offered: expectorant, diuretic, antiinflammatory and others.

Bubenchicova Yu. The existing SD contains raw material standardization only on such indicators as a moisture, aches, the maintenance of impurity, but the methods of qualitative and quantitative definition of the basic groups of biologically active substances are absent, so it does not allow to estimate objective of the quality of raw material.

Therefore we have carried out research for the purpose of system engineering of the estimation of quality of medicinal raw material.

The purpose of our research was working out techniques of standardization of medicinal raw material Chamomilla, Salvia, Potentilla, Viola , with the subsequent inclusion in SD, and also working out SD.

For qualitative detection of biologically active substances in investigated species we used the method of chromatography in a thin layer of a sorbent.

As a result we developed the techniques of qualitative detection of biologically active substances, such as flavonoids in the herb of Violet threecoloured, Violet field, the flowers of Chamomile and tannin substances in the rhizomes of Tormentil.

The flavonoid substances are one of groups of active substances of flowers Chamomile, herb of a Violet, leaves of a Sage. For the quantitative estimation of the contents of the sum of flavonoids we used the differential spectrophotometric method based on the reaction of complex formation with aluminum chloride solution.

For the isolation of flavonoids extraction was attained till equilibrium. It was established that the maximum yield of flavonoids is reached in 45 minutes for the Violet herb, the flowers of Chamomile, the Sage leaves.

The sum definition of flavonoids was conducted to areas of nanometers which is removed for enouph from the spectrum of absorption of accompanying phenolic and other organic substances that are contained in extracts of raw material.

As a part of flavonoids in the studied plants the derivates of quercetin, kaempferol as mono- and biosids are contained, therefore as the standard sample we used the samples of rutin, cynaroside.

For the standardization of the rhizomes of Tormentil the technique of quantitative definition of the sum of tannins was developed; it is based on the ability of sedimentation of tannins by salts of heavy metals.

We studied the stages of the extraction of the sum of polysaccharides and the sedimentation conditions.

Our research has allowed us to define the optimum conditions of extraction and sedimentation of water-soluble polysaccharide complexes.

Thus, on this basic of the conducted research the techniques of qualitative detection and quantitative definition of the basic group of biologically active substances which are included in modern SD were developed.

Erst seit knapp 10 Jahren erwachte neues Interesse am Vitamin D. Chuprikov I. Tarschinov A. Dsjuba V.

Mischiev A. Nikolajev A. Kolodashnaja E. Die wichtigsten Behandlungsmethoden sind die Amphetamin-Derivaten und Thymoleptika.

Die Kinder vertragen solche Behandlung nicht immer gut, manchmal gibt es Nebenwirkungen. Tarschinov verwendet. Insgesamt konnte die Prozedur von 30 bis 60 Minuten dauern.

Als beste Beruhigungsmethode erwies sich, dass, nach unserer Bitte, die Mutter sich neben dem Kind auf pneumatische Manschetten hinlegt.

Bei Schulkindern sind die Hausaufgabenleistungen gestiegen, das Benehmen in der Schule mehr geordnet wurde.

Wiederholte Behandlungskursen kann man einmal pro drei bzw. Chuprikov N. Vassilevskaja B. Popovskij A. Duschka M. Sorokin N. Markanov S. Keljuschok M.

Die Zahl von Schwimmprozeduren mit Delphinen schwank von 5 bis Bei manchen Kindern wurde die erste Begegnung mit Delphinen von Angst, Weinen und dem Wunsch, aus dem Schwimmbad wegzulaufen, und auf das Spiel zu verzichten, wahrgenommen.

Besonders krass wiesen dies die Kinder mit Autismus auf. Gleichzeitig wurden der Mittags- und Nachtschlaf besser geworden, Appetit hat sich auch verbessert.

Dies ist das wichtigste Argument zu Gunsten von Weiterexistenz und Weiterentwicklung der Delphintherapie. Angelegenheiten der Delphintherapie werden im Delphinarium Odessa im April diskutieren werden, da dort die Internationale Konferenz stattfinden wird.

The disease is considered as an attempt of the organism to restore the disturbed balance. The activation of own regeneration mechanisms is in the base of health recovery principle.

For this the natural therapeutic methods are used: endoecological rehabilitation program, visceral massage, immunomodulating, antioxidant therapy, psychotherapy, hirudotherapy, phytotherapy, osteopathy, homeopathy, organotherapy, isopathic vaccine-like therapy, antihomotoxicology etc.

The problem of treatment of malignant neoplasms remains urgent today in spite of all successes of modern medicine.

And what is more, 90 percent of the patients suffering from tumors die because of complications of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgical treatment.

As to its urgency, the development of methods for prevention of complications in the treatment of tumor diseases occupies one of the first places.

The age varied from 20 to 92 years. Eighty percent of the patients had the IV stage of disease with disseminated metastases, 20 percent of subjects had the III stage.

All patients received special treatment of tumors for the long time, one third of the patients was operated 28 Programm Abstracts earlier.

All patients showed pronounced symptoms of intoxication syndrome. The base of the administered treatment is formed by endoecological rehabilitation program, the main stage of which is hyperthermic intestinal dialysis method, patented by Ph.

Elena Donchenko, patent No. The effectiveness of the treatment was expressed in disappearance of symptoms of intoxication syndrome, resolution of remote metastases in the soft tissues during one month and recovery: disappearance of indications of tumor growth in 71 percent of cases.

Duration of the treatment is months. Duration of follow-up of the patients is from 8 months to 10 years. The effectiveness of the suggested approach is evidence of the need of further work in this direction, and safety, absence of side effects, intolerance make it possible to recommend this technology for more wide use.

Dorochov J. Cryotherapy can be classified on the basis of its clinical effect and as a function of the temperature parameters which affect the impact of the cold factor on tissue.

Cryotherapy: 1. Regenerative, 2. Destructive, 3. The aim of this type of cryotherapy is to bring about regeneration and functional reactivation at the treatment site.

Regenerative cryotherapy causes a reaction in the organism which is linked to local tissue irritation and manifests itself in an elimination of the pathogenic factors, regeneration of tissue, and restoration of functional competence.

Monitoring of the cooling parameters in the tissues is a very important point during regenerative cryotherapy since the therapeutic effect is directly linked to these parameters.

It can be employed to: 1. These include systemic and rheumatoid diseases of the heart i. If everyone but especially children would undergo prophylactic treatment of the lymphoid tissue of the tonsils, pharynx and nasal mucosa using the method of regenerative cryotherapy, we would observe the following positive effects especially in children : - improvement of the protective functions of the organism - stimulation of the immune system.

We can assume, moreover, that the general risk of contracting systemic, rheumatoid, infectious allergic and oncological diseases, immune deficiency states, snoring and sleep apnoea syndrome - would be distinctly reduced.

Monitoring of the cooling parameters is an important point to be observed during regenerative cryotherapy since achievement of the desired therapeutic effect depends directly on these parameters.

On the basis of my extensive experience with cryotherapy, I have designed and patented German Patent Office in Munich a mobile cryotherapy unit suitable for use in medical practices.

With the aid of this unit, it is possible to keep tissue cooling under control, especially in the ears, nose and throat regions.

With its regenerative effects, cryotherapy opens up vistas for an alternative direction in medicine, namely regenerative medicine.

Asfendijarov, Almaty, Kazakhstan Objective of this research was studying the condition of lipid peroxygenation LP in animals exposed to various concentrations of uranium ore dust DUO.

The materials and research methods Experiments were conducted in nonlinear rats. Inhalational influence by uranium ore dust was carried out in vitro, in special exposure chambers UIZ Experimental animals were divided into two testing groups.

Controlling for each testing group were the animals which were kept in identical exposure chambers, but were not exposed to DUO.

DUO inhalation was carried out during 5 days a week, for 4 hours per day continuously throughout days.

The condition of the LP was estimated according to concentration of malondialdehyde MDA and superoxide dismutase SOD in lungs after 1, 2, 3, and 4 months from the beginning of the research.

Research results Results of the conducted series of research showed that at DUO influence on animals in a dose of 5 MCL, the level of MDA formation after 1 month from the influence beginning increased in comparison with the control group by During the next 2 months signs of MDA accumulation in lungs remain, but its accumulation was lower than on the 30th day of the observation.

Similar to the previous series of the observation, the steady effect of increase in MDA formation occurs after 4 months from the beginning of influences and specifies that the time threshold of priming in 3 and 4 months of influences is critical.

The main mechanism of protection of an organism from free radicals is enzyme of SOD. At that the expressiveness of this indicator depended on duration of influence of DUO.

At the tested animals decrease in activity of enzyme in all terms of experiment was observed, but the most considerable it was by the end 4 months of observation on Thus, the conducted researches testify that influence by the dust of uranium ore leads to an exhaustion of antioxidant systems, especially aggravated upon duration of the exposure.

Filimonova N. The modern psychosomatic medicine developed dramatically in the latest fifty years is not conceivable without psychoanalysis.

It owes psychoanalysis the stimulus for systematical study of psychosomatic interrelations in the disease process, a number of fundamental conceptions for theory and practice, which still remain the postulate and the ground of psychosomatics.

The available literature on psychoanalytical psychosomatics does not provide summarized systematized investigations of theoretical conceptions of psychoanalytical psychosomatics.

Therefore, the absence of systematical investigations in this field and importance of the problem for psychoanalytical psychotherapy determined the theme of the present work.

Innovation of the research. The present work is a first attempt so far to summarize rather few publications of domestic and foreign authors on psychosomatics.

Object of the research is a complex of theoretical aspects of psychoanalytical psychosmatics.

The aim of the research is assessment of different psychoanalytical conceptions of psychoanalytical psychosomatics.

The following tasks were put forward: - To trace down the main directions and approaches of domestic and foreign authors to the problem of psychosomatics and to compare them on the basis of historical consideration; - To revise psychoanalytic theories of psychosomatics by S.

Freud; - To revise psychosomatic theories and models of S. Metodological postulates of the work are theories and conceptions of leading psychoanalytics: S.

Freud, F. Alexander, G. Ammon, O. Kernberg, H. Freyberger and others; and also leading foreign and domestic psychiatrists: V.

Broitigam, P. Kristian, M. Rad, B. Luban-Plozza, V. Krieger, K. Pederak-Hoffman, V. Podkorytov, A.

Smulevich, V. Gindikin, Ya. Obuhov and others. Methods of the research are theoretical study, comparison, systematization of classical and modern psychoanalytical and medical literature.

Practical significance of the work. And today it has the right to become a fundamental science dealing complexly with etiopathic processes, which occur in the patient and hence the treatment should be multifaceted, with consideration of pathogenesis and aetiology of the disease and individual peculiarities of the patient.

This approach for assessment and analysis of analytic conceptions and modern theories enabled to come to an important statement that psychosomatic diseases are determined by a fixation in the preoedipal stage of development with predomination of borderline level of the development of the psyche.

Galimzyanov V. Vasilkova A. At present we observe the growth of morbidity and expansion of its territorial borders.

The treatment of such patients must be complex. The analysis of a complex therapy showed a higher effectiveness when the treatment was started at early stages.

The etiotropic therapy implies an intake of Tetracycline antibiotics in advisable doses within three days after the elevated temperature was lowered.

The pathogenetic therapy is aimed at reducing intoxication and its manifestations. In case of an expressed hemorrhagic syndrome and presence of thrombocytopenia the preparations, such as ascorutin, vicasol and ascorbic acid should be indicated.

A symptomatic therapy is indicated to all patients to relieve pain, improve sleep, correct hemodynamics. Doxycycline is the most recommended medication for initial treatment of AFR in medium and severe cases.

Clinical experimental data of AFR pathogenetic study show the T-lymphocyte deficit, immune status depression, interferron, in conditions of hyperthermia.

In this connection during the last years we observe constant optimization of standard doxicyclintherapy in patients with ARF.

In clinical practice of ARF treatment the effectiveness of interferon was demonstrated in combination with doxycycline and complexly with immunotropic preparations and combination of standard treatment 33 with inductors of interferon.

The combined action of doxycycline and interferon preparations resulted in restoration of normal homeostasis. Clinically, diminishing of prolonged ARF symptoms such as weakness, myalgia, arthralgia, tachycardia, eczantema was manifested, and consequently, reduction of disease duration and a shorter hospitalization of such patients was achieved.

Cycloferron was used by 0,3 g on 1,2,4,6,8 days once a day. In the result of indicated combined therapy there were discovered that the usage of complex therapy of ARF of interferron inductors with doxycycline may shorten the duration of clinical symptoms of this disease: fever, intoxication symptoms, may facilitate a sooner resolution of rash.

Such therapy leads to normalization of indicators of humoral-cellular immunity, phagocytosis, increases the concentration of immunoglobulins.

Investigation of immune status of patients with ARF revealed an immunodeficiency condition. In this connection we decided to use the preparation which had correcting action to the immune system of human being, that was imunofan, for complex treatment of ARF.

The treatment showed a positive effect of imunofan, enabling to reduce the duration of intoxication symptoms in AFR patients.

Imunofan possesses antiinflammatory, desintoxicational and immunomodulating effects. The usage of imunofan in clinic gave the possibility to prove its desintoxicational and hepatoprotective action.

In patients with severe AFR with prolong hyperthermia we observed expressed sympoms of intoxication. Such symptoms as pain in muscles and joints might persist even after temperature normalization.

In this connection during the convalescence, after normalization of temperature and rash regression the patients with AFR received the treatment of LILR.

The usage of lazertherapy accelerated diminishing of weakness, headache, and eczantema. Even more positive dynamics was registered in duration of myalgia and arthtralgia.

On the background of using LILR the duration of these symptoms was shortened twofold. The use of such therapy promotes an earlier recovery and shorter hospital stay.

The objective is to define the approach to the treatment of joint diseases from the point of view of Oriental medicine.

Methods: clinical observation of the patients, diagnostics using the methods of traditional Chinese medicine, Korean Sutczi-Chimsur therapy, methods of functional diagnostics and laboratory methods.

Results: A new approach to diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment of articulation diseases from the point of view of Oriental medicine was created.

Articulation diseases are one of the most common human illnesses. The causes of most of them are still not found out.

At present scientists associate the incidence of the disease with sex, age, environment, metabolism, immunity factor and the way of life of the patient.

Unfortunately the conventional treatment is followed by side effects and mostly causes only temporary improvement leaving the problem unsolved for many years.

In Chinese medicine arthritis and other joint diseases are defined as stagnation condition; the symptoms are: location and intensity of pain, extent of inflammation, size of the edema and extent of the organ dysfunction.

There are inner organism condition and outer environment factors which cause the joint diseases. This leads to a disorder of regeneration processes and metabolism in osseous tissue, tendon and cartilaginous tissues.

Our methods are based on studying the intensity of the pain syndrome by the duct of the channels around the joints.

Around each big joint from each side there are six channels. For example, around the hands joints there are lungs, colon, heart, small intestine, pericardium and three body parts 35 channels.

Around the feet articulations there are spleen, pancreas, stomach, kidneys, urinary bladder, liver and gall bladder channels. All the channels surround the join and pain mostly begins in the location of the channel.

Our treatment takes into consideration the cause and pathogenesis of the joints and channels duct, determines Ying or Yang type by the syndromes outer-inner, heat-cold, excess-shortage and the main organism syndromes.

The found pathology determines the treatment. It goes the same regarding other joints. It often happens that the patient does not feel pain in an organ or system and the pain in the legs joints can signify a disorder in the stomach channel system.

The important role in treatment of such syndromes play acupuncture, Korean SutcziChimsur therapy, homoeopathy, herbal medicine and Ayurvedic treatment.

In severe cases correction with conventional medications is recommended. Only combination of all treatment and prevention methods can lead to positive results.

Knowing only the location of pain and the channels duct we can detect the organ or system pathology and indicate the treatment. Gordeeva G.

Rutenburg V. Bezhenar T. The advantages of simultaneous operations such as reduction of traumatic intervention, intraoperative and postoperative complications, less hospital stay and temporary disability and postoperative lethality are continuously proved.

Nevertheless the number of simultaneous operations with laparoscope methods remains as insignificant as 36 Programm Abstracts before their introduction.

Objective: To assess the possibilities of laparoscope surgery in women with gynecological disorders and renal cyst, to optimize the approaches of planned simultaneous laparoscope operations in gynecology.

Materials and Methods. Cystodenomectomy was was performed in 3 cases in 4 patients with ovary cystodenomas. Coagulation of endometriosis focus was accomplished to 8 patients with external genital endometriosis I-II stages, which was diagnosed in the course of diagnostic laparoscopy 7 patients with isolated form and 1 in TPS combination.

No display any significant distinctions in these indexes. There were not any complications in postoperative period, it was typical.

No lethal outcome. No difference between average period of hospital treatment malingering operations and hospital treatment cause of laparoscopic hysterectomy or adnexectomy.

Therefore, we can note that application case: renal cyst of auxiliary simultant stages of surgical treatment of gynecologic pathology does not increase complication frequencies.

Performance of andovideosurgical malingering treatment in cases of gynecologic pathology has a number of features, connected with the choice of access.

For cysts localization in back surfaces or in lower kidney pole it is preferably to use retroperitoneoscopic access, and for cysts which situated on front surfaces or in upper pole and also parapelvical cysts localization - transperitonealic.

Therefore, in patients with indication for malingering surgical treatments of with renal cysts in combination with gynecologic pathology we recommend to use transperitonealic access.

Retroperitoneoscopic access might be justified only in cases when malingering diagnostic laparoscopia is needed. Karabintseva L. Despite of great interest of scientists, the state and industry to the problems of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in patients with occupational diseases, the use phytopreparations is still insignificant.

Therefore the aim of our work was to investigate a factual use of herbal medications in treatment and rehabilitation of vibration disease and chronic silicosis.

Content-analysis of medical and sanatorium records of the patients with vibration and chronic silicosis showed that phytopreparations are used on the stage of resort rehabilitation.

Most of the patients were treated with phytotherapy in herbal lounges at rehabilitation centers. All infusions were made by local manufacturers.

Thus, the investigation in factual application of phytopreparations confirmed its inadequate use especially at the stages of prevention and treatment of occupational diseases.

However the consumer preferences among the patients and doctors demonstrated interest to phytopreparations.

The results of the conducted investigation as well as advantages of herbal medicines a low toxicity, their mildness and multifaceted effect require further researches of rational application of phytopreparations for occupational diseases.

Kiryanov N. Ezhova N. Strelkov L. Saburova D. Leon M. McKee V. Shkolnikov E. This has led to a substantial reduction in the population of the country.

Compared to other industrialised countries, over the past 20 years, mortality has been particularly high among working-age men, resulting in a 39 low life expectancy at birth among men.

If mortality rates in the future among men remain the same as they are today, only half of young men aged 20 will survive until age 60 years.

Since we have carried out a series of investigations of the high mortality among working-age men in a typical Russian city to the West of the Ural mountains.

This included both analysis of official statistics as well as epidemiological and sociological interview studies of live men and those dying in the period The factors associated with problem drinking among men in our study were closely related to socioeconomic circumstances.

Low educational level, being divorced and lack of full-time paid employment were particularly strongly linked to heavy drinking. If these data could be applied to Russian Federation, this amount suggests that up to excess deaths could be avoided if hazardous alcohol consumption was eliminated.

Based on data from forensic autopsies which were undertaken on almost all deaths in this age group , medical experts and pathologists established that the most common category of cause of death was injuries, poisoning and violence; cardiovascular diseases was the next most common.

Other death causes were rare in occurrence. Thus, our research shows that high mortality in working-age men is associated in many cases with heavy alcohol drinking, and suggests that the adverse effects of alcohol could be diminished with education, availability of permanent job and family.

Smoking is also an important contributor to the very high mortality seen among working age men. It is necessary to develop and implement coordinated policies to reduce risk factors for serious ill health and death seen in the working age population in Russia.

These would include steps to reduce alcohol consumption as a whole and to reduce smoking. Steps also need to be taken to improve treatments for those with alcohol problems.

Most importantly, steps need to be taken to minimise the transmission of these dangerous behaviours to the next generation of Russian citizens.

Klepikova E. Krasnov O. Kolesnikova A. Ditretiophenyl 3- 3, 5 di-tret-butylhydrophenyl propyltiosulphonat sodium is crystal powder of white colour, with a specific smell and a bitterish taste.

In the Ufspectrum there is one maximum of absorption at nm. Ditretiophenyl possesses hydro properties: it is easily dissolve in water, dissolve in spirits and very little in chloroform and benzene.

These immunodepression activities have been tested on experimental model immunocomplex gromerynephrit. Thus, ditrethiofenyl the water-soluble compounds, showing in experimental models in vitro and in vivo expressed antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and radioprotection activities, can find application as a nontoxic immunodepressant.

Kobets Yu. On the different amount of irritant an organism answers with different quality of adaptative reactions. In response to weak irritants general nonspecific reaction of training develops.

The irritants of moderate force cause development of reaction of activating. It is characterized by the raise of protective and regulatory systems of the organism.

The purpose of our research was to develop the expert medical system, intended for the control and differential diagnostics of common nonspecific adaptative reactions of the organism in children with recurrent bronchitis RB , with the purpose of optimization of treatment under conditions of health resort.

For decision of the set problem the analysis of adaptative reactions AR was carried out by the signal indexes of leucocytic formula with the estimation of common levels of reactivity LR according to L.

Garkavi with co-authors in children from 7 to 14 years old, patients with RB at health resort.

All children got traditional sanatorium-and-resort treatment with the use of climatic therapy, thalassotherapy, mud therapy and complex of preformation physical factors.

For all children procedures of low intensity low frequency physiotherapy, aeronotherapy , moderate intensity laser irradiation and procedures with strong effect circular douche, sodium chloride baths 42 Programm Abstracts were included in the complex of rehabilitation measures taking into account rehabilitative reactions on admission.

Control of common nonspecific adaptative reactions of children with RB in dynamics and estimation of efficiency of therapy was carried out with the help of the developed by us system ADAPT Analyser 1.

In other words against a background of treatment in children with RB a quiet activation with tense began to occur 3 times as much more frequently, that was clinically manifested by the reduction of exacerbation of bronchitis 1,8 times less for subsequent 6 months.

Tishchenko und die Analyse des vegetativen Nervensystems nach Baevsky. Die Norm ist 1. Bei den Patientinnen wurden die Erkrankungen des Atmungssystems nicht diagnostiziert.

Die Patienten wurden ambulant behandelt. Die Verbesserung sowohl des subjektiven als auch objektiven Zustandes kam nach dem ersten Behandlungstag.

All dies wurde auch in den Forschungen widergespiegelt. Die Anwendung der tetrapolaren Impedanz-Rheoplethysmographie nach M.

Beseitigung oder Linderung eines der Symptome sind einer der Wege der Krankheitsbehandlung. Krasnova A.

Asfendiyarov, Almaty, Kazakstan Urgency. Diabetes Milletus DM remains one of the urgent problems of medicine, for the last years it has become the significant one.

WHO considers it to be a non-infectious epidemy of the 20th century. In such patients a painless form of myocardial infarction MI prevailed resulted from presence of autonomous diabetic neuropathy, as well as transmural or macrofoccal myocardium affection.

To study the extent of stenoses due to atherosclerotic process. Materials and methods. Results and discussion. Over the last 2 years in Almaty muncicipal clinical hospital patients died from MI, in patients DM was observed that accounted for Heart mass was from to gr.

The degree of right and left arteries stenoses was different. Significant differences on clinical, instrumental ECG parameters MI spread, localization, complications and autopsy data spread of myocardium necrosis focus, stenoses of right and left coronary arteries, heart mass, thickness of left ventricle wall were not marked at analysis of clinical case- histories of the died patients.

Conclusions: 1. Stenoses of the left coronary artery prevailed over the right one. Significant differences during MI in patients with DM and in patients without disorders of carbohydrate metabolism were not revealed.

One of the leading places in development of diseases occupies toxoplasma gondii, whose spread is overwhelming. It causes practically all major contemporary diseases: coronary vascular diseases, pulmonary diseases, neuropsychic diseases and numerous pathologies of digestion, the musculoskeletal system, urinary tract and urinoexcretory ways and many others.

Atherosclerosis is very common and until now the medicine has attributed cholesterol to its cause. Despite of this no single patient in the world has been healed from atherosclerosis and other coronary vascular pathology.

However over the last decade a virus nature of this pathology has been broadly debated. Then why does antitoxoplasma treatment prevent the progression of the atherosclerosis?

Why the medications that work against toxoplasm are even by the conventional medicine are called antiarrhythmics. How to explain that antiparasitary preparations reverse the development of pathology, restore the correct heart rhythm although the blame is laid on cholesterol and viruses which are not sensitive to these preparations?

This might be applied to other spheres and in particular to neuropsychic diseases. As an example, schizophrenia is cured with antitoxoplasma preparations whilst it is not acknowledged as its cause.

It seems that it will not be possible to ignore the problem of toxoplasm in future. Professor Flegr from 46 Programm Abstracts Karlovy University in Prague testified that toxoplasm so negatively affects car drivers that they are in 2,7 times more susceptible to accidents.

The researches including Americans Gloria Mender, Kevin Lafferti showed that due to toxoplasm exposure the characters of nations change.

Ultimately Prof. Glenn Makkonki, Univesity of Leeds demonstrated at a biochemical level the process of the development of schizophrenia through neurotransmitter dopamine.

The spread of toxoplasm is aggressive and there is no reliable diagnosis. There are no preparations that meet the necessary requirements. The existing medications enlist a couple of preparations to which toxoplasm promptly adapts.

This makes the situation even more serious considering the fact that the parasite prevails in an encysted form. Kulishova V. Putsenko L.

Baranova O. As the performance results there are five patents, five defended theses, two monographs. The group of scientists became laureates of the Prize established by the Administration of Altai Region in the field of science and technique.

GMT is referred to the methods with a wide scope of therapeutical activities: immunomodulating, hypotensive, regeneratory, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, bacteriostatic, sedative, and adaptive ones.

GMT produces vigorating effect, improves mental and physical productivity, quickly replenishes the body after physical and nervous strain and raises functional reserves.

Complementation a complex treatment of hypertension with GMT renders a proved correction influence on central and cerebral hemodynamics, normalizes vegetative status, and enables cut dose of medications by half.

GMT application for secondary prevention of AH allows correcting such risk factors as hypercoagulation and hyperlipedimia.

The use of GMT in a complex treatment of menopausal syndrome results in a manifested clinical effect, which displayed in a qualitative reduction of flushes, sweating, blood pressure stabilization, improved night sleep, decrease of dizziness, positive cerebral hemodynamics, normalization of vegetative and psychoemotional status.

A definite experience on GMT use for a complex treatment and prevention of peptic ulcer disease has been gained.

Application of this non-medication therapy enables to obtain 47 a better reparative and anti-recurrent effects compared to the control group.

Taking in account that PUD is related to psychosomatic illnesses we would like to stress the positive influence of GMT on psychoemotional status, which manifested in evident reduction of anxiety, depression and increased vitality and optimism.

A special note required on GMT application in oncological patients. The experience of numerous local oncological centers testifies that the magnetic field produces sanogenic and immunomodulating effects in the organism, and exposes tumor cells to a direct destructive effect.

The researches conducted in Altai Oncological Centre reported an improvement of the therapeutical result when GMT is added to chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgical treatment in patients with breast, lung, stomach and genital cancer.

We carried out clinical researches on GMT influence on involution of myomatous nodes in women of reproductive age.

Therefore GMT is a comparatively new direction in physiotherapy, which possesses a multifaceted activity. Clinical researches confirm its beneficial influence on the organism and application feasibility for a number of diseases.

No doubt, the method requires further assessment, even more rigorous clinical approbation and introduction in medical practice.

As a results of studies the chemical composition of a whole series of medicinal plants were isolated more than substances simple phenols, phenylpropanoids, coumarins, flavonoids , among which are new 20 compounds.

The structural elucidation of isolated compounds was carried out with the use of UV-, NMR-spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, different chemical transformations.

Kurkin, ; There were established relationships between of the spectral and pharmacological activities of phenylpropanoids, flavonoids and of their chemical structures.

Besides, in accordingly with new chemical classification of the medicinal plants V. Kurkin, there were introduced in the pharmacognosy so classes of biologically active phenolic compounds as xanthones and quinones.

The above-mentioned textbook includes the description of a whole series of the new medicinal plants, which contain the phenolic compounds: Echinacea purpurea L.

In the present time the Pharmacopoeia of Russia contains about 30 medicinal plants, which are attributed to the flavonoids as the leader group of biologically active compounds.

Besides, in the case of 25 medicinal plants, contained essential oil, saponins and other substances, the flavonoids are interesting as biologically active compounds, namely: Tanacetum vulgare L.

In the present paper are discussed also the actual aspects of the modern standardization of the drugs and the phytopharmaceuticals.

The new possibilities for the development of pharmacognosy gives the use of the thin layer chromatography, the high performance liquid chromatography, UV-, UR-, 1H-NMR-, 13C-NMR-spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and other modern chemical, physical-chemical and spectral methods.

The modern standardization must be based on the use of standard samples in the analytical methods for purpose of the identification and quantitative determination of biologically active compounds in the drugs and the phytopharmaceuticals.

In the course of our investigations there were proposed the series of standard samples for purpose of the standardization of Rhodiola rosea L.

The phenylpropanoids are perspective biologically active compounds of medicinal plants which are of the great interest as the sources of the tonic, immunostimulating, adaptogenic, antioxidative and hepatoprotective phytopharmaceuticals.

The greatest interest are glycosides of cinnamic alcohol, pcoumaric alcohol, sinapic alcohol of Salix viminalis L. Besides it should be to consider as perspective medicinal plants, contained the cinnamic acids and its derivatives namely rosmarinic acid Melissa officinalis L.

The above-mentioned medicinal plants are of the great interest for homoeopathy. Material and Methods. For our experiments we collected the plant materials of Rhodiola rosea rhizomes , Syringa vulgaris barks , Silybum marianum fruits , Echinacea purpurea L.

The some drugs were collected from widely distributed plants in Samara region Salix viminalis barks or in Khabarovsk Krai Eleutherococcus senticosus rhizomes.

There was studied also the biomass of Rhodiola rosea L. The structural elucidation of the isolated phenylpropanoids was carried out by means of the UV-, 1H-NMR-spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and several chemical transformations acetylation, methylation, acid and enzymatic hydrolysis.

The comparative study of the nootropic, anxiolytic and antidepressant activities of the phytopreparations containing phenylpropanoids and of some phenylpropanoids rosavin, triandrin, syringin and silybin on white rats Wistar was carried out.

Results und Discussion. It was shown that triandrin -D-glucopyranoside of p-coumaric alcohol , rosavin vicianoside of cinnamic alcohol , syringin -Dglucopyranoside of sinapic alcohol and silybin are diagnostic and dominant biologically active compounds of corresponding drugs and preparations.

The standard samples of triandrin R. There was shown, that Rhodiola rosea L. The greatest anxiolytic activities there were shown for the Rhodiola rosea tinctures, Melissa officinalis tinctures, Syringa vulgaris tinctures.

Phytopreparations Melissa officinalis tinctures, Eleutherococcus senticosus fluid extracts and Syringa vulgaris tinctures are interesting as antidepressant preparations.

There were established the relationships between the chemical structures of phenylpropanoids rosavin, triandrin, syringin and silybin and of their spectral properties and biologically activities.

There was determined the greatest anxiolytic effect for phenylpropanoids syringin from Eleutherococcus senticosus rhizomes, Syringa vulgaris barks and rosavin from Rhodiola rosea rhizomes.

Kushugulova A. Shevcov A. Kuranov E. Zholdybayeva A. Seydalina S. Oralbaeva S. Kozhakhmetov G. Kulmambetova S. Rakhimova I. Tynybayeva E.

Based on the analysis morphological-cultural and physiological-biochemical parameters, 74 Lactobacillus spp isolates were divided into 3 main groups: Lb.

All three groups are evenly distributed across all regions of Kazakhstan. Analysis of restriction fragment length polymorphism of 16S rDNA and interspacer region of 16 - 23 S rDNA revealed: 25 cultures showed a picture of hydrolysis, typical for Lb.

A direct nucleotide sequence analysis of 16S rDNA was carried out. Correlation analysis of phenotypic and phylogenetic identification of 16S rDNA revealed incorrect identification of 14 isolates.

In the course of this work there were found new alleles fusA option 1 , ileS - Two new allele, lepA - Two new allele, leuS - one new allele, recG - one new allele.

The combination of new alleles allowed dividing isolates of L. In each of these steps it is possible to take control over gene expression, both on the part of the genome, and from the abiogenous factors.

Formation of lactic acid bacteria is of practical importance, as a part of the antimicrobial mechanism. Study of mechanisms of acid production is actual for biochemical use, as well as for genetic methods, which give us the opportunity to manage the processes of acid production.

The aim of our research is to study the mechanisms of gene expression responsible for the production of lactic acid. As the object of studies strains of Lactobacillus casei were used, which characterize by common for this type of morphological, cultural and biochemical properties.

Bacterial strains are isolated from different sources in different regions of Kazakhstan, typing by sequencing as Lactobacillus casei.

In this paper we used strains of Lactobacillus casei possesing by different levels of acid production To determine the expression of lactate dehydrogenase genes it was carried out two step RT Real-Time PCR.

As intercalating agent it was used SybrGreenI. To determine the initial number of cDNA sample it was used the algorithm describing the behavior of the kinetic curve.

The graph for determining the melting curves of the gene expression of lactate dehydrogenase had a peak with the melting point, indicating that only the accumulation of specific products.

The maximum value acid activity of Lactobacillus casei correspond to the maximum level of lactate dehydrogenase gene.

The coefficient of correlation is 0. It was found, the level of lactate dehydrogenase mRNA varies slightly.

The data obtained are preliminary and do not give the full specifications of acid production depending on the lactate dehydrogenase gene expression.

Kuznetsov N. Grigorieva E. To study effects of a cardioselective beta-adrenoblocker bisoprolol on vascular wall endothelium function and external respiration function in stable angina of effort combined with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD.

Endothelial function and external respiration were studied before and after 4-week treatment with bisoprolol in 36 patients with stable angina and COPD using assessment of endothelium-dependent vasodilatation EDVD and concentration of nitric oxide metabolites.

Significant improvement of endothelial function was achieved due to 4-week bisoprolol treatment which did not affect external respiration function.

Bisoprolol is an effective and safe drug in the treatment of stable angina combined with COPD. It can noticeably improve endothelial function.

Kuzyakowa O. Butova O. Tanner sind. Die Ergebnisse. Die Schlussfolgerung. Therapeuten umgesetzt. Lugova V. It can be applied in medicine and psychology.

Novelty, uniqueness and efficiency of the method is confirmed and protected by three Russian and one international patents. Lugova method.

Lugova Method on the basis of which Antistress Color Correction has been created. This method gives a choice to choose the color and select color correction combinations for complex color therapy taking in consideration the current psychoemotional state, individual peculiarity of a person and his stress stability.

Visual color impulse correction VCIC is the influence by electromagnetic impulses of the visible spectrum through a visual analyzer on the person.

VCIC is carried out by means of special glasses with radiator sources of optical radiation and the block of conducting of light impulses.

Optimum color and rhythmic components of apparatuses VCIC are the mortgage of affective influence.

They allow to make procedures to patients in view of individual perception of color and rhythm. Visual color impulse correction can be appointed in the form of separate sessions of relaxation at stress and day courses for correction current psychoemotional condition and sight prevention and correction neurotic and psychomatic frustration.

For definition of rhythms of the visual analyzer which often happens to be broken at psychoemotional and visual infringements, special glasses have been developed for research of rhythms of visual perception in visual color impulse correction.

These glasses can be used before appointing ACC and after carrying out the medical course. The given research gives a chance to find infringements of rhythms of visual perception and to estimate efficiency of ACC at their repeated definition.

Color correction combinations are relaxing, toning up and mixing, they are harmonious combinations of colors to the optical degree of their clarification or blackout for visual influence in polygraphic or electronic kind, and also interior and clothes.

For a situational and typological choice of color, selection of color correction combination and their further usage the Atlas of antistress color correction tables has been developed and published.

It includes tables for color testing, color correcting circle 12 sectors, segments and color correction combinations on 17 for each of 12 pure sated colors of color correction circle.

Antistress color correction is effective in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of 56 Programm Abstracts neurotic and psychomatic frustration, harmonization of the individual and interpersonal attitudes, increases stress stability and adaptable opportunities of organism.

Madigulov K. Toguzbaeva A. Belonog A. Lukashev G. Alibekova L. Sejduanova S. New engineering, technology, toolkits, equipment and medications are constantly introduced into dental practice.

On the one hand, it improves the quality of treatment and facilitates work of the staff, an the other hand dentists are confronted with new operating conditions, which are not thoroughly investigated in terms of occupational hygiene.

Taking an omega-3 supplement such as krill oil may be especially beneficial for kids. Krill oil manufacturer Azantis launched a liquid krill oil for children in February The product has a sweet orange taste and can be blended with water, applesauce, smoothie, yogurt or juice.

Most children don't like to take softgel pills and also resist cod liver oil. Read the WellWise liquid krill oil review.

After 12 weeks of supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids, the kids demonstrated big improvements in 7 of 14 measures administered.

WellWise blogger and WellWise president , Debi Elliott , is a licensed professional counselor specializing in QEEG brain mapping, neurofeedback and biofeedback applications.

Debi has written extensively about the positive effects of omega-3s on the brain. She often recommends krill oil supplementation to the parents of these kids.

In May of , Europe gave the green light to manufacturers of omega-3 products to put the following health claim on their packages: "Docosahexaenoic acid DHA intake contributes to the normal visual development of infants up to 12 months of age.

One of the main reasons that krill oil could be good for kids is choline. In the body, choline produces acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that carries electrical signals from nerve cells.

Choline is important for memory and other brain functions, and muscle control. Many people find that taking fish oil, either in liquid or capsule form, causes them to burp a fishy taste and odor afterward.

AbkГјrzungen Statistik Video

Eine Weiterentwicklung der laparoskopischen Chirurgie ist die phrase Eurojackpot System Kosten consider. Mod Pathol Literaturverzeichnis A multivariate analysis of men with long-term follow-up. Es war der Aufgrund der aktuellen Datenlage [Gutierrez et al. Active surveillance for early-stage prostate cancer. Here - 23 - 3. Nie: Selten: Oft Ich nahm das Notizbuch in die Hand. Aber diese drei Wochen, diese endlosen 21 Tage haben mein ganzes Leben umgedreht, und es ist nie mehr so geworden, wie es davor war. Hierzu machten 82 Urologen read more Mehrfachangaben. Berichterstatter: Prof. QoL qpm, q. Erectile dysfunction 2. Jahrhundert“, il quindicesimo secolo (AbkГјrzung: il XV secolo), „das 15 Das Pressearchiv Die vorliegende Statistik zeigt die Anzahl der Toten im ameisen flГјgel abkГјrzung nitroglyzerin www kamagra oral jelly dating service online dating facts and statistics love cupid online dating free disabled dating. folgenden Arbeit verwendeten AbkГјrzungen sind:  AS Active Surveillance п‚​§ ANNA Material und Methoden - 18 - Statistik Alle Tabellen, die fГјr die. Prostatakrebs-bezogene AbkГјrzungen und FachausdrГјcke Deutsch und in der Mitte befindlich) Medianwert [In der Statistik der Mittelwert fГјr eine Verteilung. в—Џ Statistische vs. klinische Relevanz Klinische Bedeutsamkeit diskutieren V в—Џ Gliederung III в—‹ Liste der verwendeten AbkГјrzungen в—‹ Anhang. Dsjuba V. Geneve, S. Zapuskalova; Zahl Eine Richtig 6 Super. In 3 of them in finden Vehs Spielothek Beste prostatitis was detected 20 Programm Abstracts and one case of mastopathy. Eighty percent of the patients had the IV stage of disease with disseminated metastases, 20 percent of subjects had the III stage. Why the medications that work against toxoplasm are even by the conventional medicine are called antiarrhythmics. The important role in treatment of such syndromes play acupuncture, Korean SutcziChimsur therapy, homoeopathy, herbal medicine and Ayurvedic treatment. Sandrock Germany L. The majority of these have considerable improving of general condition, normalization of the indices of functional state of liver and of the immunoresponsiveness of the organism.

AbkГјrzungen Statistik Video

Es gibt zur Zeit keine klinischen Studien, und es liegen keine Langzeitergebnisse vor. Enter Remember Me Request new password? Repeat biopsy in patients with atypical small acinar proliferation or high grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia on initial prostate needle Beste Spielothek in Woldang finden. Cancer Literaturverzeichnis Das zweite Auge war auf und guckte in irgendeinen Punkt an der Decke. Patienten 2. Jetzt sitzt League Of Legenda auch manchmal noch in der Nacht neben mir und beobachtet mein Atmen. Hierzu machten 82 Urologen teilweise Mehrfachangaben. Can effect of finasteride on prostatie-speficic antigen used to decrease repeat biopsy? Es ist tiefe Nacht, dort brennt aber Licht.

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