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All users will need to provide some details so that the university can contact them if necessary for example in an emergency or abuse of the service.

By clicking Continue, visitors are assumed to have agreed to these terms and conditions. After completing this final stage, you will be registered and can use the SNS for up to seven days.

These PCs are configured exactly the same as the computer room PCs on campus. Guests and visitors can use this to connect to the internet through the UoN-guest network.

When in study bedrooms, the fixed line SNS point should be used see section above. To access the guest wireless service, visitors simply need to select UoN-guest from the list of available wireless networks and connect.

No password or additional configuration is necessary. Once connected, open up a web browser and you will be presented with a page to register onto the network.

You must enter a valid email address and agree to the terms and conditions before being granted access onto the internet.

Notes: When using the university wireless service, some Android devices can only connect to internal websites and not the internet due to an issue with proxy settings on some Android devices.

To protect the university only certain activity will be permitted on the wireless network. This includes web browsing and reading emails, but some applications will be blocked.

The network connection is unencrypted. Hall Facilities Free use of the fitness centre is available to all residential guests.

Room keys are asked to be shown at the reception of each facility for access. Breakfast will be served from 7. Friday Night The dinner will be held at 7.

In order to get there you will need to take a bus to the city centre detailed information on the Trent Barton Website: www.

Buses stop at the Market Square. After the dinner social events are planned and this will be a good opportunity for networking.

Menu Starters Honey roast butternut squash soup with warm crusty bread Chicken and bacon Caesar salad with herb croutons Creamy garlic mushrooms on sea salt and rosemary toasted foccacia Main Courses Slow cooked short rib of beef, dauphinoise potatoes and buttered greens Baked puff pastry tart filled with melting goats cheese, chargrilled vegetables, sweet balsamic dressed leaves Grilled fillet of lemon pepper hake on a cassoulet of tomatoes, garlic, peppers, beans and spinach Desserts Black Forest Torte with mulled black cherries Chocolate Brownie Sundae Sticky Toffee Pudding with Custard Saturday Night The dinner will be held at 7.

The call will be channelled through security who can meet the ambulance and quickly direct them to the scene. If the fire alarm sounds at any time during your stay with us then you must evacuate the building as quickly and safely as possible by the nearest emergency exit.

The duty porter for that area will arrive with the Fire Brigade as quickly as possible and will give you further instructions. Woll aton Rd.

Being an active member of the OR Society is all about promoting a healthy subject area and ensuring that it remains vibrant.

DSE Consulting Ltd. David Buxton has had a varied career history. Starting out as a Geographer before moving into Analytical roles and then into senior positions in general management.

Recently, David move into academia, before taking the risky step to strike out and founded dseConsulting.

Enjoying commercial success and a reputation as a simulation expert, last year he joined forces to also launch decisionLab, styled as the modern approach to OR consultancy.

These business ventures and the previous experiences have each given different insights into the role of OR in business, and had led David to believe that an entrepreneurial spirit in Operational Research is an essential component.

Perhaps we should focus more on risk taking? And what about those characteristics associated with the most successful entrepreneurs: interpersonal skills, the ability to persuade, the ability to lead and motivate, charisma?

Are those skills traditionally valued and developed in OR? In the end, does it really matter? Perhaps other disciplines are better suited to the cut and thrust of a commercially-driven world - we can let them take the plaudits whilst we continue with the decision support.

But does this threaten to marginalise OR? And in a competitive job-market what can an OR graduate do stand out? Using examples from his own experience, David will highlight the importance of the inner entrepreneur.

Worked 15 years in the Dept for Education in its various guises manly as an OR analyst, but also in policy, working across a wide range of education policies.

He has also been an active member across the wider OR community - regularly attending the OR Soc Conferences, delivering plenary talks in and He is currently chair of the OR in schools taskforce and carries out a wide variety of outreach activities.

His research interests are in game theory and queueing theory. Her role is to raise awareness of OR among young people and their teachers.

OR can help encourage young people to continue studying maths by showing them some applications of the maths they are learning and also highlights a potential career for someone who enjoys maths.

Abstract Participants in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics STEM subjects need to actively encourage and enthuse young school children to explore the various possibilities available to them.

Operational Research is no different. In this talk we will present what the OR society already does in means of outreach activities as well as playing a game audience participation is required used to introduce game theory to school children.

It is hoped that this talk will encourage and enthuse young Operational Researchers to participate in such events and further the great work done by the Society to disseminate the subject.

Please introduce yourself and, if applicable, provide the chair with a copy of your presentation to upload onto the seminar room computer.

Please ensure that you are familiar with the equipment before the start of your talk. Anyone going over this time will be asked to stop by the chair.

You should familiarise yourself with the equipment and ensure there are no obvious problems which would prevent the stream from running to schedule.

You should introduce yourself to the speakers. They will provide you with electronic copies of their presentations to be loaded onto the seminar room computer.

The speaker has 20 minutes for presentation followed by 5 minutes of questions and answers.

Each talk is followed by a 5 minute break for the comfort of the audience and to allow for movement between streams.

Please, do not move the next talk forward. We encourage you to download our mobile guide to enhance your experience at SCOR.

You will be able to plan your day with a personalised schedule and browse maps and other important information. Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry users can access the same information via our mobile site at m.

To get the guide, choose one of the methods below: 1. Scan the following image with your mobile phone QR-Code reader required, e.

Journals and case studies Free O. Nurse rostering in a Danish hospital Jonas Baeklund 2. A bilevel model for valves location in water distribution systems Andrea Peano 3.

A nice use for MCDA in public health: potential new approaches to decision making in the national institute for health and clinical excellence Brian Reddy 2.

Stabilizing policies for employment portals Hanyi Chen and Burak Buke 2. Assortment planning with substitution effects Jochen Schurr 3.

A dynamic programming heuristic for the quadratic knapsack problem Franklin Djeumou Fomeni and Adam Letchford 3. Compact formulations of the Steiner traveling salesman problem Saeideh D.

Nasiri, Adam Letchford and Dirk O. Periodical vehicle routing problem due to driver familiarity Matthew Soulby and Jason Atkin 3. The impact of on time delivery on supply chain management: are third party logistics providers worth the investment?

Yolanda Silvera and Rebecca DeCoster 2. Point process models for assessing the reliability of desalination plant equipments subject to failures due to red tide events Ahmed Al Hinai and B.

Reliability assessment of subsea systems in ultra-deepwater oil and gas developments Anietie Umofia, Stephen Okonji and Shaomin Wu 2.

An improved choice function heuristic selection for cross domain heuristic search John Drake and Ender Ozcan 2.

Markovian analysis of stochastic serial multi echelon supply chains Despoina Ntio and Michael Vidalis 2. Hybrid lateral transshipments in multi-item inventory networks Sandra Rauscher and Kevin Glazebrook 2.

Vehicle routing with dependent vehicles Edward Kent and Jason Atkin 2. Capacity planning for motorail transportation Pascal Lutter 3. Best next sample Sergio Morales Enciso 2.

Wallace and Zhan Pang 3. The design of transportation networks: a multi objective model combining equity, efficiency and efficacy Maria Barbati 2.

Organization of a public service through the solution of a districting problem Carmela Piccolo and Sabrina Graziano 3.

Modelling the uncertainty of data and the robust shortest path Michael Clark and Andrew J. A non-identical parallel machines scheduling problem with multi-objective minimization Jean Respen, Nicolas Zufferey and Edoardo Amaldi 2.

An exact algorithm for the uncertain version of parallel and identical machines scheduling problem with interval processing times and total completion time criterion Marcin Siepak 2.

Modelling retail sales for retail price optimization Timo P. The transition to an energy sufficient economy: a system dynamics model for energy policy evaluation in Nigeria Timothy Mbasuen and Richard C.

Darton 2. On the Peter principle: an agent based investigation into the consequential effects of social networks and behavioural factors Angelico Fetta, Paul Harper, Vincent Knight, Israel Vieira and Janet Williams 3.

A meta-parameter analysis of boosting for time series forecasting Devon Barrow and Sven Crone 2. Long-term reserve warranty forecasting with neural network models Shuang Xia and Shaomin Wu 3.

In other words, selfish users do not exhibit socially optimal behaviour. It can be shown that, under both types of optimal customer behaviour, the equality of average queue-joining rates for the observable and unobservable models can be induced by a particular relationship between the system parameters.

However, this equality of queue-joining rates results in differences with respect to other performance measures, such as mean waiting times and busy periods.

It can also be shown that the two types of model observable and unobservable cannot simultaneously share the same selfishly and socially optimal queue-joining rates, regardless of the choice of input parameters.

This change made the electricity market competitive and introduced several new subjects. We present linear mathematical model of total daily profit maximization subject to flow constraints.

It is assumed that the demand and supply are known and some of them are arranged. Possible transmission capacities are known but also additional capacities can be purchased.

All trading, transmission prices and amounts are subject of auctions. First, we present energy trading problem as directed multiple-source and multiple-sink network and then model it using linear programming.

Also, we provide one realistic example which is slightly changed in order to save confidentiality of the given data. The performance measures under consideration are those which are imposed on universities from outside, such as statutory performance indicators and newspaper league tables, and which bring rewards in SCOR the form of either status or funding.

The existing literature provides evidence that such measures are causing tension within institutions, but there has to date been no attempt to examine that tension using the tools of management science.

The main tool used here is Data Envelopment Analysis. This model is used first to determine the production possibility set for a group of universities and then to explore the options open to them.

Game Theory provides a range of structures which model such interactive decisions and can aid a decision-maker in determining optimal strategies.

The results of the DEA model are therefore processed using a typical league table construction and then evaluated through the lens of Game Theory.

They are interested in improving the control planning by the use of optimization techniques. We build up an integrated model, consisting of a tour planning and a duty rostering part.

The tours should guarantee a network-wide control whose intensity is proportional to given spatial and time dependent traffic distributions.

We model this using a spacetime network and formulate the associated optimization problem as a Multi-Commodity Flow Problem in an integer programming IP formulation.

The rostering part is needed, since we must assign a crew to each tour. All duties of a crew member must fit in a feasible roster.

It is also modeled as a Multi-Commodity Flow Problem in a directed acyclic graph, where specific paths correspond to feasible rosters for one month.

To the best of our knowledge there is no approach in the literature that integrates vehicle routing and duty rostering planning into one model yet, and there is no model of Toll Enforcement Optimization.

With our approach all legal rules can be modeled. We present computational results which document the practicability of our proposal.

When used at airports like Heathrow, where during busy times aircraft are arranged in stacks and are released predominantly from the bottom level of each stack, such algorithms could lead to solutions that achieve very good objective function values, but are not always feasible in practice.

The main goal of this work is to find feasible arrival sequences by considering the sequencing and control problems 23 Abstracts Friday simultaneously.

An exact multi-objective dynamical programming algorithm was developed for this purpose. Its effect on the arrival sequence and some potential benefits that can be achieved at Heathrow through slight tactical changes have been investigated.

This presentation focuses in particular on the impact which varying the number of release levels has on the arrival sequence, both in terms of runway utilisation and of waiting time per aircraft.

Furthermore, we will consider the effects of extending the lengths of the trajectories from the stack to the runway for some of the aircraft.

This allows the aircraft that remain in the stacks to ladder down faster into the release levels and as a consequence, may result in better sequences becoming feasible.

However, during peak demand hours, such strategies are unable to provide continuous green indications. They might worsen prevalent traffic conditions if not revised to avoid queue overflows.

Signal settings cycle time, green times, phase sequences and offsets can be calculated with different objectives in mind.

Offsets are used essentially to synchronise signals. It is often considered that progression schemes maximisation of throughput by co-ordination are only achievable during light traffic conditions, and the use of other approaches based on minimisation of disutility functions, e.

A critical challenge is the staging of static queues and platoons incoming groups of vehicles to avoid progression disruptions and overflowing queues.

Therefore, a suitable control method would be able to cope with traffic outbursts, accommodating moving vehicles, and discharging queues regularly.

The proposed methodology examines the interactions between platoons and queues, considering both progression and fair allocation of green times.

For this purpose, a set of experiments using a traffic micro-simulation are proposed to reproduce scenarios fluctuating between low and high peaks of demand.

Measures of effectiveness will be analysed based on progression bandwidth, platoon composition, and queue interactions, while considering side road conditions.

Our approach studies this phenomena from the perspective of vehicle groups rather than network or individual performance indicators, which may provide new insights to the problem of finding adequate traffic signal settings at arterial roads.

The problem is highly constrained and comprises a large set of different constraints. A branch-and-price method for solving the problem exactly is proposed.

The master problem is to assign schedules to the nurses, and its linear relaxation is solved by means of column generation. A number of specific algorithms for handling these constraints are proposed.

The method is very flexible regarding the rules a schedule should comply with, which is a key concern when creating solution methods for nurse rostering problems.

Computational tests show that optimal solutions can be found for instances with a two weeks planning period in a reasonable amount of computing time.

To drain a pipe, some of the isolation valves already present in the network are closed, in such a way that the smallest part of network containing the damaged pipe is disconnected from each of the reservoirs feeding the WDS.

In this way, only that subnetwork is isolated and drained. Such subnetworks are called network sectors and their shape is determined by valves positioning.

Isolation valves are usually located at the extremes of the pipes. Since valves are expensive, WDSs can be equipped with just a limited number of valves, whose location poses a challenging optimization problem.

When any pipe is equally like to require maintenance, the best valve location is the one which minimizes the maximum undelivered demand in case a sector needs to be isolated.

Undelivered demand accounts not only for the demand of the sector which requires maintenance, which is drained on purpose, but also of the demand of any other sector which gets disconnected from the reservoirs as a secondary effect of isolating the first sector.

This issue makes this real-life problem much more complex than a pure graph partitioning problem. We propose a bilevel mixed-integer linear programming model, where the outer level models valves location and the inner level models water flow.

We show how to reformulate the bilevel model as a single level mixed-integer linear model, and test our approach on a real life WDS.

This method relies on well-centred and suboptimal dual solutions to generate new columns in a column generation framework.

Theoretical support is provided to show that the method converges to an optimum if such optimum exists.

Additionally, computational comparisons with the standard column generation and the analytic centre cutting plane method are presented.

The problems on which we have performed the comparisons are the cutting stock problem, the vehicle routing problem with time windows and the capacitated lot sizing problem with setup times.

The method shows consistently reductions in the number of outer iterations as well as CPU time when solving the relaxations of these combinatorial optimization problems after applying a Dantzig-Wolfe reformulation.

The results are encouraging showing that the method is an attractive general purpose column generation method.

Its dynamic adjustable optimality tolerance and its natural stabilization features make it a competitive option in this context.

The performance of the method is enhanced when larger instances are considered. Compromise solutions thus neatly fit with the concept of Pareto optimality.

Chair: Izabela Komenda 3. Lower bound improvements of penalty param1. It combines evidence-based and health economic approaches to medicine with equity concerns in order to adequately prioritise interventions, attempting to reduce variations in levels of treatment between local regions and encourage best practice across the health system.

However, for a number of reasons it is challenging to adequately quantify, model and describe the multiple effects of public health interventions.

As a result there is uncertainty around their cost effectiveness; this adds to the complexity of the decision making process. Multi-criteria decision analysis MCDA relates to the methods and procedures by which concerns about multiple conflicting criteria can be formally incorporated into the management process and is used to provide a framework to help decision makers structure complex decisions.

Such situations are common in public health scenarios. This presentation will describe some of the most common difficulties of measuring cost effectiveness in public health and explain why MCDA techniques may be an appropriate method to overcome some of these issues.

Linear bilevel programming problems are the most studied class of bilevel problems and have been widely used to represent real life applications in which there are hierarchical decisional structures.

The case in which a subset or all the variables are discrete represents another important class of problems on which we focused as they enable to better describe applications and problems with an inner combinatorial nature.

We consider a particular class of linear bilevel problems in which the variables controlled by the leader are required to be discrete.

This equivalence is true for a sufficiently large value of this parameter. A valid lower bound for it is already known. We provide two improvements of this existing lower bound and experiment the two new lower bounds on a set of test problems.

The parameters proposed are better from a theoretical point of view because they assure a reduction of the penalty used to force the integrality requirements on the upper level variables.

This implies the possibility to solve larger instances increasing the applicability of bilevel models. The basic concept in multicriteria optimization is Pareto optimality: a solution is Pareto optimal, if improving one objective is impossible without worsening another.

However, in general the number of Pareto optimal solutions is exponential. To choose a single, well-balanced Pareto optimal solution, Yu proposed compromise solutions.

A compromise solution is a feasible solution closest to the ideal point. The ideal point is the component-wise optimum over all feasible solutions in objective space.

Compromise solutions are always Pareto optimal. Using different weighted norms, the compromise solution can attain any point in the Pareto set.

The latter does not hold for other concepts, e. In particular, compromise solutions find well-balanced Pareto solutions that may escape weighted sum methods.

Compromise solutions and the slightly more general reference point methods are widely used in state-of-the-art software tools.

Still, there are very few theoretical results backing up these methods. We establish a strong connection between approximating the Pareto set and approximating compromise solutions.

In particular, we show that an approximate Pareto set always contains an approximate compromise solution. Each given employee can match with a specific employer with probability q independently.

This system resembles assembly-like queueing systems. We model it as a two-dimensional Continuous Time Markov Chain and analyze its properties.

Our main focus is on stabilizing policies for such portals. Next, we will introduce the Accept the Shortest Queue policy, which forces constraint on the acceptance of customers.

The system will accept employees employers only when they have a smaller or equal number than employers employees.

Under this policy, the system is ergodic for any set of arrival rates, but the rate of rejecting customers is exceptionally large.

Therefore we consider how to modify it to enable us to accpet more customers without losing stability.

In traditional formulations the objective is to minimise the cost for real power output subject to technical constraints such as load balance, spinning reserve and minimum up-and downtimes of individual units.

Deterministic variants of this problem are well known and researched and are be- ing solved successfully in the energy industry, mainly due to good predictability of future electricity demand.

However, due to increased demand uncertainty and fluctuating wind supplies it becomes more and more important to incorporate uncertainty explicitly in the problem formulation.

Stochastic unit commitment problems are large scale multistage mixed integer optimisation programmes which are excruciatingly hard to solve.

In this talk I will give an outline of the problem formulation and describe the scenario decomposition techniques we use to make the problem more tractable.

Some subset selection problems on a retail level, arising for example in internet advertising or in the apparel industry, face besides the obvious resource limitation further challenges that are due to high uncertainty in demand.

This ability raises the question how one should optimally allocate show room space to products in order to maximize profit over the entire selling season.

We present a dynamic programming DP approach with Bayesian learning to study assortment decisions in a limited horizon setting. A particular challenge when accounting for substitution effects is the fact that the DP is no longer weakly coupled and hence cannot be decomposed into single-product sub-problems.

Further, the Bayesian learning scheme becomes incomparably more complex as compared to existing models that assume independence among products.

We will briefly discuss the simplification approach via a one-step look ahead of the DP and a Monte-Carlo integration scheme for the expected cumulated future profits.

Further, computational results will be provided that demonstrate the large-scale feasibility and performance of the approach. Visitors start from a hotel with desire to visit all interesting sites in a city exactly once and to come back to the hotel.

The tested benchmarks are combined from three real instances made using tourist maps of cities of Venice, Belgrade and Koper and two instances of modified cases from TSPLIB.

We introduced and compared two exact methods for solving the TVP. The quadratic knapsack problem, on the other hand, is NP-hard in the strong sense, which makes it unlikely that it can be solved in pseudo-polynomial time.

We show however that the dynamic programming approach to the linear knapsack problem can be modified to yield an effective heuristic for the quadratic version.

The standard integer programming formulation of the STSP has an exponential number of constraints, just like the standard formulation of the TSP.

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